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“Selena and her team did an awesome over the top job from our first conversation to the point of closing. She and her team are irreplaceable and we are proud to refer them!!”

– Marcela Valladares

“Selena and her team are absolutely amazing. Their assistance through the whole process was phenomenal. They are so professional in everything they do. Anytime we needed answers they were there for us. I highly recommend Selena and her team.”

– Patrick K.

“My experience with Benchmark Mortgage left me with my jaw on the floor. These folks go above and beyond the call of duty for their people. I worked with Selena Ward who walked me through the loan process step by step. She and her team called me several times by phone to explain to me what to expect next; they never left me to guess or wonder what was going on with my loan. Selena even helped me qualify for a grant program!! Something I was extremely grateful for! I have already, and will continue to, promote Benchmark Mortgage, Selena, and her entire team to my friends, family, and coworkers! Thank you, Benchmark!!!”

– Misty C.

“To recommend anything concerning Selena Ward would be an understatement. She is a complete professional through and through and she is willing to walk you through the process step-by-step. Her patience while arming her clients with as much information as needed, is absolutely phenomenal. And because she armed me with so much information; I was completely confident in all her decision making throughout my home buying experience. She never made me feel uncomfortable about anything only empowered. Thank you Benchmark, Mrs Ward is your diamond in the rough😊”

– Kim M.

“Went very smooth. Our agent kept us in the loop and worked diligently to make sure our home buying process went smoothly!”

– Dean B.

“Selena was absolutely amazing in our home-buying experience – extremely helpful, thorough, quick to respond and just a terrific person all around. She went over all the options with us and ensured all our questions were answered (I always have MANY!). She even attended the closing to ensure all was ok. Her thoughtful notes, reminders, packing kit, etc. were a nice bonus. I would definitely recommend Selena’s services, along with her office counterparts, next time you’re buying a home. Her spot-on communication skills – lacking by so many others in the real estate business – earn her 5 stars! Thank you, Selena, for making the process so stress-free.”

– Suzanne H.

“Selena and her team have been nothing short of excellent. They helped me as a first time home buyer and explained everything to me every step of the way. I received a great interest rate and they were there to answer any questions I had in a timely manner. I would recommended Benchmark to anyone looking for a easy and pain free mortgage process.”

– Harkrit K.

“Being a First time Home Buyer we have lot of questions and Selena and her team helped us with all the questions, She also explained pros and cons of each step and never pushes to make any decision in hurry. She is reliable and always gives a good advice and she is very knowledgeable with what she is doing and will work for you to get best she can. We will definitely recommend her.”

– D. Patel

“When we began planning our move from Washington state down to the Dallas Ft Worth area there were many unknowns, this was my wife’s first big move and my first since leaving the military 20 years ago. We were leaving our families and friends to start a new life in the place I had wanted to live my entire life and spend my retirement in. From the start our journey was fraught with disasters, our house didn’t close and we were already on the road to Texas, my wife’s employment status became an issue as well. It was beginning to look like our dream of retiring in Texas was falling apart around our ears.

Then Selena stepped in, she was a calm and reassuring driving force for us for the next month and a half. Every time we encountered a hiccup in the process she was on the phone with me walking me through what needed to be done, and letting me know what the next step was. More than anything else the best compliment I can give her and her team is that whenever I got off the phone with her I felt better about our situation. She never said “no” she said “we will make this work” she worked miracles for us, doing what other mortgage brokers had told us was not possible, and could never be approved. She was a tireless advocate for us working harder than was necessary to make our dream come true. Thank you, Selena”

– Jason G.

“Selena was such a blessing to our family. We never thought home ownership would ever be possible. She made the process for us so much easier as first time buyers by answering every question, explaining the process so we could understand it, and taking the time to make us feel comfortable when we were overwhelmed with other lenders. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Chantel F.

“Selena Ward and her team made the process as easy as possible for us! They were always willing to answer any question and were there for us whenever we needed. They were wonderful, and I’d recommend them to anyone I know who is looking to buy a home.”

– Christina B.

“Selena is definitely one of the best in the business. Her knowledge and expertise helped make our home buying process stress-free and efficient. She stayed in constant contact with us through the whole process and kept us well informed. I highly recommend her if you are looking to buy or refinance!”

– Cheryl D.

“Selena Ward is amazing! She is one of the smartest, focused and dedicated business professionals I know, and works tirelessly to ensure that her clients’ needs are met. Selena has expert knowledge of the mortgage industry and goes above and beyond to make sure every detail of the approval process is handled in a timely manner.”

– John C.

“Selena Ward was so great! She is so on top of her game and gave us some great advice when we had to make some decisions on what we wanted to do with our up coming home. Great communication through out the process as well!”

– Steven B.

“This was my first time ever trying to buy a house. I had always rented and knew I could manage a mortgage payment no problem, but didn’t think I could make it through the process of actually buying a house. Selena explained everything about the process and did an amazing job of walking me through each step. She is a professional and she is great at taking care of everything. She made sure I was informed about everything that was going on throughout the process. I will definitely be seeing her when I’m ready to get out of my first home and in to my dream home.”

– Michael Y.

“Hi Selena you have been so wonderful to us. We are truly blessed to have you on our side through our process. I would love to stay in touch.”

– Barbara B.

“Dear Mrs. Selena;

We can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are for having had you be with us and guide us through this process. Working with you has really been a pleasure. With your guidance and expertise, you managed to walk us through each step of the process, allowing us to feel comfortable making truly important decisions. You have really made this entire process easy and comfortable for us! We will be referring you to all of our friends because of your excellent service.
Thank you so much for all your help.”

– Ashraf H.


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