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Lesson: Home Insurance 101

One aspect of buying a home that people don’t pay enough attention to is homeowner’s insurance. Although lenders require everyone buying a house to get some insurance covering basic risks like theft and vandalism, fire and smoke and other common forms of unintentional damage, such insurance is usually inadequate for your long term needs. Adequate […]

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Preparing Your Home: Beat The Summer Heat

In order for you to beat the heat this summer, you will need to start preparing your home before the heat hits. There are several things that you can do to ensure that your home stays comfortable during the  summer months. Below are some tips for preparing your home: Update Your Insulation This will help […]

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Common Mistakes When Buying & Refinancing

When buying or refinancing a house, you will want to avoid common mistakes. If you can do so, you will save money and help your cause greatly. With this in mind, here are the top four common mistakes to avoid when you want to buy or refinance a house. Mistake 1: Not Understanding Rates First […]

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Top 10 Family Vacation Spots

Where it used to be difficult to decide on a vacation spot that would please the whole family, a new trend, family-friendly resorts solves the problem of where to go for that great family trip. Experience everything from an African Safari to the Wild West with one of these top 10 family vacation spots. #1 […]

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Preparing Your Kids For College

Teenagers who are in high school usually don’t understand what is ahead of them in college. Living on a college campus and  dealing with the responsibilities of a higher education can be difficult for  many students. Preparation beforehand is the key to having your kids know what to do before they head off. Live As […]

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Top 10 Tips To Save Water This Summer

With the warm summer weather comes an increase in activities around your home, outside and inside, that use water. Here are 10 tips for smart water usage. Check Your Connections 1. Check hose connections and outdoor faucets for leaks. Replace or adjust them as soon as you notice a leak. Also watch lengths of hose […]

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